Chapel Speakers

Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Speakers

Theme Verse: "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith..." Hebrews 12:2a (NIV)

John M. Perkins (September 2)

John M. Perkins established the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development, Inc., for the purpose of supporting Christian community development and racial reconciliation throughout the world. This organization hosts JBU spring mission teams annually.

Gordon MacDonald, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Staley Guest Lecturer (September 7-9)

Gordon MacDonald comes through a grant from the Staley Foundation. He was in pastoral ministry for forty years, and is currently an author, speaker, and teacher. He has written more than a dozen books, of which Ordering Your Private World is perhaps the best known.

Holly Allen (September 14)

Holly Allen is the director of the Child and Family Studies program at JBU. She was named “Faculty of the Year” in 2009, and is currently co-writing a book called Bringing the Generations Together: Building Intergenerational Faith Communities.

Tracy Balzer (September 21)

Tracy Balzer is Director of Christian Formation at JBU.  She currently teaches the Celtic Christianity section of Gateway, and is writing her second book, A Listening Life, to be published in the spring of 2011. Tracy and her husband, Cary, will lead the 2011 JBU Mission to Ireland.

Gus Reyes (September 23)

Gus Reyes serves as the Director of the Hispanic Education Initiative/Affinity Ministries for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. A 25-year youth ministry veteran, he also serves as bi-vocational pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista, Dallas, Texas.

Jay Bruce (September 28)

Jay Bruce is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at JBU. He holds an M.A. in theology from the University of Oxford, and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Baylor University. He walks to work, hates television, and loves coffee. He and his wife and two children live in downtown Siloam Springs.

Cary Balzer (October 5)

Cary Balzer is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, and holds the J. Vernon McGee endowed academic chair. He earned an M.Div. from Asbury Seminary, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Manchester in England. He is the author of The Devotional Wesley.

Noah Mitchell (October 7)

Noah Mitchell received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from JBU (2005 and 2007). He currently teaches Bible and Hermeneutics at First Baptist Academy in Dallas, Texas.

Hadden Wilson (October 12)

Hadden Wilson lives in Northern Ireland where he served for fifteen years as Pastor of Ballynahinch Baptist Church. He and his wife Betty spent a year at JBU as Missionaries in Residence, and he continues to provide leadership and teaching for the JBU Irish Studies Programs.

Sons & Daughters (October 14)

Fueled by a shared passion for worship and the local church, Sons & Daughters (David Leonard and Leslie Jordan) began writing songs in the fall of 2009 for Journey, their church in Franklin, Tennessee. They both serve on staff at Journey and are working toward releasing an EP in May 2011.

Patrick Bergquist (October 21)

Patrick Bergquist is the Resident Director in North Hall. Before coming to JBU, Patrick pastored churches in both Wichita, Kansas, and Chicago, Illinois.

Bishop Wellington Boone, CRE Relationships Week
(October 26, 28)

Bishop Wellington Boone comes as the guest of the Center for Relationship Enrichment. He is an author, ordained minister, and founder of Wellington Boone Ministries.

Robbie Castleman (November 2)

Robbie Castleman is the Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at JBU, and the author of a number of books, including Parenting in the Pew, True Love in a World of False Hope, and Faith on the Edge.

Bill Robinson (November 4)

Bill Robinson served as president of Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, for 17 years before his recent retirement. His academic work has been focused mainly on organizational, cross-cultural, and interpersonal communication. He also has written two books on leadership.

Joe Walenciak, World Awareness Week (November 9)

Joe Walenciak has been part of the business faculty of John Brown University since 1982. During that time, he has led or participated in more than fifty short-term mission/service projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, and Northern Ireland.

Ben Mwangi, World Awareness Week (November 11)

Ben Mwangi grew up in the slums of Korogocho, one of the largest in Nairobi. At the age of 10, his life was changed when he became a Compassion child. He was eventually accepted into the Compassion Leadership Development Program which paid for his college education, and is now close to completing his education degree. He plans to return to Korogocho to teach in the community where he grew up and help rescue children just like himself from poverty.