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Chapel Schedule

Fall 2017

The Gospel of John: Is Jesus Who He Says He Is?

"I am the way and the truth and the life."

John 14:6 (NIV)


This semester’s chapel emphasis aims to reacquaint us with the Jesus who John knew and loved.  Jesus uses the phrase "I am" seven times in the book of John, followed by metaphors to teach us about himself.  These statements call out for a response: Will we discount his claims and relegate him to the title of "good teacher" only?  Or will we respond with belief, trust, and adoration?

On most Tuesdays, a university professor or staff member will help us engage in the Gospel text. Thursday chapels will feature a variety of speakers from around the world who will encourage us to see what God is doing and follow him where he leads. In addition, this semester's program will include some special emphasis chapels, such as Spiritual Emphasis Week, Relationships Week, World Awareness Week, and Advent.

Chapel services are in the Cathedral of the Ozarks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.  Also join us for The Gathering on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. in the Cathedral, and Vespers on selected Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in Jones Recital Hall.

Additional Chapel Credit Opportunities



Thursday 8/24

Chapel - President Chip Pollard (John 21) Event Details

Tuesday 8/29

Chapel - Rod Reed (John 1) Event Details

Thursday 8/31

Chapel - Tracy Balzer (John 3), Communion Event Details


Tuesday 9/5

Chapel - Aminta Arrington (John 6) Event Details

Thursday 9/7

Chapel - Adam Donyes Event Details

Tuesday 9/12

Chapel - Spiritual Emphasis Week: Stu Garrard (Staley Guest) Event Details

Wednesday 9/13

Chapel - Spiritual Emphasis Week: Stu Garrard (Staley Guest), 10 a.m. Event Details

Thursday 9/14

Chapel - Spiritual Emphasis Week: Stu Garrard (Staley Guest) Event Details

Tuesday 9/19

Chapel - Rod Reed (John 8) Event Details

Thursday 9/21

Convocation - Giving Voice, Festival of Writing & the Arts: Gene Yang and David Bowden Event Details

Tuesday 9/26

Chapel - Michael Wear Event Details

Thursday 9/28

Chapel - Kristie Neff Moergen (John 11), Communion Event Details


Tuesday 10/3

Chapel - Rod Reed (John 12) Event Details

Thursday 10/5

Chapel - Noah Mitchell Event Details

Friday 10/6

Chapel - Homecoming: Gerson Arteaga, 10 a.m. Event Details

Tuesday 10/10

Chapel - CHR Relationships Week: Adam McHugh Event Details

Thursday 10/12

Chapel - CHR Relationships Week: Adam McHugh Event Details

Thursday 10/19

Chapel - Split Service: President Chip Pollard, Freshmen in Berry Performing Arts Center; Michael Francis, Sophomores through Seniors in Cathedral (John 13) Event Details

Tuesday 10/24

Chapel - Rod Reed (John 14), Communion Event Details

Thursday 10/26

Chapel - Shawn Schwartzman Event Details

Tuesday 10/31

Chapel - Reformation Day: Maxie Burch Event Details


Thursday 11/2

Chapel - Kelsey Howard (John 16) Event Details

Tuesday 11/7

Chapel - Steve Snediker (John 17) Event Details

Thursday 11/9

Chapel - Marcus Carruthers Event Details

Tuesday 11/14

Chapel - World Awareness Week: David Kirika Event Details

Thursday 11/16

Chapel - World Awareness Week: David Kirika Event Details

Tuesday 11/21

Chapel - Rod Reed (John 19-20), Communion Event Details

Tuesday 11/28

Convocation - Siloam Springs Second Graders Event Details

Thursday 11/30

Chapel - Advent Celebration Event Details


Tuesday 12/5

Chapel - Christmas Communion: President Chip Pollard (John 1) Event Details

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