Chapel Credit Scanning Procedure

Scanning Instructions

Due to COVID-19, the Office of Christian Formation has implemented several temporary chapel programming and procedure changes for the Fall 2020 semester. This includes a reduced chapel requirement and meeting in small Chapel Groups located at multiple locations around campus rather than large-group chapel services.

Because of this change, attendance will be taken by Chapel Hosts this semester.

 Click here to access your chapel record on EagleNet


Chapel attendance is recorded by a scanning system. Students are required to bring their ID cards to chapel and must scan in and out of chapel within a posted time frame in order to receive credit. Students should make note of the following:

 To receive credit, students must SCAN IN

  1.     - No sooner than 30 minutes prior to chapel
        - No later than 3 minutes after the beginning of chapel
    and SCAN OUT
        - After official dismissal
        - Within 10 minutes after official dismissal
    If a student comes to chapel early, they should wait to scan until this time frame. If they forget and scan too early, they can scan again in the proper time frame. Once students have scanned in, they must remain in attendance for the entire chapel in order to receive credit.

  2. ID cards should be held within 1 inch of the card reader with the flat side of the card (front or back) facing the reader. The light MUST BE RED when the card is presented to the reader. The card has been read successfully WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN. If the card is presented in front of the reader when the light is still green from a prior scan, it will not read the card until the card is removed and presented again. Students should scan more than once if they’re not sure their card scanned correctly. IDs may not work correctly if the chip in the card has been damaged. If this is the case, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Campus Safety and secure a new ID card.

  3. The online chapel record on EagleNet is the student’s actual attendance record. If that is not correct as of the processing date shown, the student should contact the Office of Christian Formation as soon as possible by selecting the "Questions about Chapel Credit" link on their chapel attendance page on EagleNet.

  4. One manual credit is allowed per semester for missed credit due to a lost or forgotten ID or for failure to scan in or out properly. Requests for missed credit should be sent to the "Questions about Chapel Credit" link on the EagleNet chapel attendance page.

  5. If an ID has been lost or stolen, it is the student’s responsibility to secure a new ID from Campus Safety. No chapel credit will be given until a new ID has been issued or the old ID recovered. If the old ID is found after it has been replaced, it will no longer be valid for chapel credit and should be returned to Campus Safety.

  6. Students are only allowed to scan their own ID. If they are discovered scanning another student’s ID, both the student scanning and the student who gave their card to be scanned will lose credit for that chapel and may be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. Likewise, students discovered scanning for credit but not attending chapel may also be referred for disciplinary action.

For more information on JBU's chapel policy, please see the 2020-2021 JBU Student Handbook.