Temporary Chapel Exemption Policy and Application for Special Chapel Accommodation - Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Office of Christian Formation

Due to COVID-19 adjustments, a temporary chapel procedure will be in place for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. In lieu of chapel exemption, which is normally offered for students who are unable to meet the chapel requirement through regular attendance, a "request for special chapel accommodation" is being offered this semester. Please read below for more information.

** Spring 2021 applications now being accepted. **


Chapel is considered an integral part of attending JBU and is required for all full-time (12 hours or more) and/or residential (on-campus) undergraduate students.

  • All full-time students (12 hours or more) and/or residential (on-campus) students will be required to attend 10 of the weekly chapel opportunities offered this semester (instead of the usual 21 requirements), in addition to any which they were short during the Fall 2020 semester.
  • In lieu of large-group chapel, small Chapel Groups will meet weekly in multiple locations around campus, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays, at the usual chapel time, 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. The content of both days will be the same, so students will attend only once each week. Students can register for Chapel Groups here and will attend the same group all semester. Spring 2021 registration will be made available in late January. Students should watch their JBU email in January for specific registration information.

Full-time and/or residential students who will not be able to attend a Chapel Group on Tuesday or Thursday in person, need to submit a Request for Special Chapel Accommodation to explain why they cannot attend and their situation will be considered.

  • This semester, there will be no "full," "partial," or "non-traditional" exemptions (which students have typically applied for) since the number of requirements has been reduced and all qualifying students who cannot attend in person can apply for a chapel accommodation.

  • Circumstances which might necessitate the need for accommodation include, for example, commuter students who live out of the Siloam Springs area and do not have classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or a disability or medical reason which prevents attendance in person. Exemptions are not granted for extracurricular or academic activities which conflict with chapel, or because of a heavy class load or a busy schedule. Since students have a reduced requirement of 10 opportunities this semester, they are expected to manage their absences accordingly.

Students should submit a Request for Special Chapel Accommodation (below) to the Office of Christian Formation by Wednesday, February 10, 2021, for the spring semester. Please note that applications can be accepted past the deadline this semester to respond to changing circumstances. (Requests for Spring 2021 will be accepted beginning in mid-January.)

  • There are no "additional" chapel credits this semester. The Tuesday/Thursday Chapel Groups are "regular" credits and will be the main credit-earning opportunities this semester. A few extra opportunities for "regular" chapel credit will be made available this semester to supplement Chapel Group credits, but will not take the place of students' participation in Chapel Groups. More information about those will be forthcoming.
  • Please note that a student's request has not been granted until they receive notification from the Office of Christian Formation that it has been approved.

To view the standard chapel policy, please see the JBU student handbook.

If you have questions about the exemption policy, please contact the Office of Christian Formation at 479.524.7213 or christform@jbu.edu.

Request for Special Chapel Accommodation

** Now accepting Spring 2021 applications.**

  • This application cannot be saved so please review the form before starting to make sure you have all needed information.
  • If your application requires a lengthy response, you are advised to prepare it in a separate document and paste it into the application.
  • Do not check the confirmation box at the bottom of the form until you are ready to submit it.
  • You will be taken to a thank you page acknowledging your submission.
  • If you complete the application on a public computer, log off when you are finished to ensure the privacy of your information.

Questions about this form should be directed to the Office of Christian Formation at christform@jbu.edu or (479) 524-7213.