Dr. Francis Umesiri

Faculty Directory

Dr. Francis Umesiri

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., University of Toledo
M.S., Central Michigan University
B.S., University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria


Dr. Francis E. Umesiri came to John Brown University in 2011 as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Courses taught by Dr. Umesiri include Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Fundamentals of Chemistry.

The research focus of Dr. Umesiri is on development of small molecule anti-infective agents. He is currently working on synthesis of a library of sulfamate-based heterocyclic compounds with potential application in tubercular and cancer therapeutics. Students have opportunity to work with Dr. Umesiri and gain useful experience in research projects, as part of their science education at JBU.

For Dr. Umesiri, Chemistry is an opportunity to help students appreciate the beauty and intricate nature of God’s creation at the molecular level. To him, this involves making Chemistry classes practical and relevant to students and providing them ample opportunity to practice Chemistry through ‘hands-on’ laboratory and research activities.

In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Umesiri enjoys reading mystery novels and writing non-fiction (mostly, spiritual formation books).


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