Dr. Andre Broquard

Faculty Directory

Dr. Andre Broquard

Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life
Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Ed.D., University of Arkansas
M.A., Regent University
B.A., Taylor University


After working in Student Development at Taylor University for five years, Andre Broquard came to JBU in the July of 2002. Dr. Broquard admires and has come to deeply appreciate the redemptive, long-term philosophy of JBU.  He feels that education is a life-long process with significant development occurring during the post-secondary years. The mission of JBU enhances this personal development by fostering a healthy academic environment. The mission is eternally focused and he is honored to be a part of it.   According to Dr. Broquard, "teaching in the Graduate Business Leadership and Higher Education program has allowed me to take a deeper step into JBU's mission. Preparing professionals to extend this same holistic and redemptive educational philosophy has been invigorating, challenging, and rewarding. It is exciting to watch the HED graduates carry on the mission."




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