Dr. Brian Greuel

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Dr. Brian Greuel

Dr. Brian Greuel

Department Chair, Biology
Professor of Biology

Ph.D., Washington University
M.S., Ohio State University
B.S., Wheaton College


In 1998, Dr. Brian Greuel joined the faculty of John Brown University as Professor of Biology. The courses taught by Dr. Greuel are Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Bioethics, Field Experience, and Biological Research.

Undergraduate students have worked with Dr. Greuel on his current research around the myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) gene and how its association with neurodegenerative disorders. This research has been funded by a 5 year grant and Dr. Greuel is now writing an article for publication describing his research findings.

Dr. Greuel's love for biology stems from its ability to open one's eyes to the complexity and beauty of God's creation. It has also allowed him to give back to the medical community through research that may eventually be able to help in the treatment of certain diseases. Dr. Greuel enjoys imparting his passion to students through "doing science" through frequent investigative laboratory exercises and original research.