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Please refer to these guidelines when you have questions about maintenance requests. If you have additional questions or need clarification about any of our Facilities Services, call 7261.

Work requests should be submitted to Facilities Services via email — Using email will ensure faster turn-around. This is a better way to give us detailed information on your particular problem or need.

Requests are prioritized into three basic categories: Emergency/Life-safety Situations, Comfort Issues and Important Personal Needs. It is our goal to provide prompt, thorough service for everyone. Due to daily reprioritizing and emergencies, it is difficult to accurately schedule a service call for a specific day or hour. We schedule time each week to “work in” lower priority needs as we seek to expedite higher priorities. When freight arrivals, unplanned activities and last minute situations need to be handled, our scheduled work requests may be reprioritized. Most requests are complete within 24-48 hours. Longer lead time situations or items that require special funding will be dealt with personally by email, telephone or personal visit. In an emergency situation, you should call 479.215.5000.

Custodians are generally available between 5 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the major campus buildings. These employees are dedicated to keeping all areas of the campus clean. In most buildings routine dusting, vacuuming and trash removal are completed before offices are occupied for the day. Detail work, such as metal polishing, window cleaning and carpet extracting is done during the night shift. Custodians dust bookshelves, ledges and any other area that is accessible without disturbing the room setup. We ask staff and faculty to clean personal work areas (desks) and items of personal use and to empty desk size recycling bins into the larger bins provided at locations just outside your building/work area.

The Grounds Department cares for exterior areas and interior University-owned plants. Maintenance requests for problems in outdoor areas should be routed just as all other requests.

Updated July, 2008 by Facilities Services

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