Summer Community Events

Summer 2017

Soccer Camps

Lady Golden Eagles Soccer Camp: July 8-10, 2017


Academic Camps:

Summer Academy main page: /academic-partnerships/summer-academy/

Piano Academy June 18-24, page: /academic-partnerships/summer-academy/piano/

This one-week intensive program is a great way to see what music study is like at the university level. Each student will receive daily lessons, the chance to perform in masterclasses, and opportunities to attend performances by faculty and peers. Class topics include theory, jazz improvisation, developing musical taste, and building technique. Students must be in 9-12th grade as of Fall 2017 to register.


Engineering Academy July 16-22, page: /academic-partnerships/summer-academy/engineering/The theme this summer will be Robotics. Students will learn about electrical circuits, programming, computer aided design, 3D printing, motors, batteries, and more. The week will include hands-on project design, building, and testing. Students must be Current 9-11th graders (10-12th grade as of Fall 2017) to apply.


Great Ideas Academy July 23-29, page: /academic-partnerships/summer-academy/great-ideas/

This year's theme is "The Republic: Plato to America." Students will receive a one-hour college credit for an Honors Colloquium after completing the readings, academic sessions, and fulfilling the required assignments. Students must be a current sophomores or juniors and have at least a 3.0 GPA and a 20 ACT or a 950 SAT to register.