JBU Diversity Clarification

JBU’s Office of Diversity (OD) will continue and deepen the work that the university has already been doing to reflect and honor in the JBU community the truth that God calls and redeems people from every nation, tribe, people, and language into his church (Revelation 7:9). A fuller statement of JBU’s Biblical understanding of diversity can be found below.

The OD will focus on the areas of diversity that are consistent with JBU’s Christian commitments, which are clearly stated in our Articles of Faith, Employee Expectations, Student Handbook and Community Covenant and can be found below. Among other things, these documents clearly outline JBU’s biblical understanding of sexuality and gender identity, positions that remain consistent with JBU’s historic evangelical identity and the historic teaching of the Church.

Diversity Statement 

Articles of Faith

Employee Expectations

Student Handbook

Community Covenant