Finding a Plan that Fits Your Schedule

These meal plans offer you a combination of weekly meals and declining balance dollars. By doing so, you get a customized plan that's right for you.

Traditional Resident Hall Meal Plan Choices (one of these choices is required for students living in: J. Alvin, Mayfield, Hutcheson, Walker, underclassmen living in Townhouses and Northslope Apartments):
* indicates these plans are included in the semester room and board charge.
Townhouses and Northslope Choices:
**this plan pertains to residential upperclassmen assigned to the Townhouses and Northslope Apartments. 

Unlimited 21 Meals * 

21 meals per week, plus $27.50 Declining Balance Dollars per semester

16 Meals * 

16 meals per week, plus $66 Declining Balance Dollars per semester

12 Meals * 

12 meals per week, plus $98 Declining Balance Dollars per semester

7 Meals ** 

7 meals per week with no Declining Balance Dollars
Although this plan does not automatically come with Declining Balance Dollars, you can add Dining Dollars (similar to Declining Balance) at any time during the semester.  (This plan is ONLY AVAILABLE to upperclassmen in Northslope and Townhouses.) 

Flex Meal Plan 

For an additional charge per semester, eligible students can sign up for our new Flex Meal Plan. The Flex Meal Plan is a meal plan enhancement available to any student already signed up for one of the standard meal offerings (21, 16, 12, or 7-meal plans.) In addition to the wide variety of meals offered in Kresge Dining Hall, students with the Flex Meal Plan have access to an additional combo options located at California Café. The additional meal options include specific offerings during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night. Certain restrictions do apply: only one meal can be eaten during each meal period regardless of the location, and the meals cannot be shared with other guests or students.
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