Someone with a bachelor's degree makes thousands more than a non-degreed equal. You know that finishing college pays for itself. The question is, will you make the investment? You've gotten along fine without a degree so far, but how far can you really go without that diploma? Tens of thousands of people will graduate this year, next year, every year. You have the job they want. They have the degree you need.

Whether you started your degree years ago or took classes recently, it's time to finish what you started. JBU offers you the chance to complete your goal of a bachelor's degree.

The Degree Completion Program doesn't just offer you convenience, it integrates JBU's mission of educating the whole person – head, heart, hand – throughout our classes. JBU faculty's academic credentials ensure a quality education. Plus, they offer the practical experience to help you apply what you've learned to your career. They're special in another way too, following a calling to improve the spiritual lives of students through Christian higher education. 

"I was able to complete a personal goal of a college degree that I had set for myself when I was 17 years old.  I have grown so much as a Christian, a friend, a family member, and an employee."
- Amy Thorson, Rogers OM

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