You're busy. You have commitments like work, spending time with your family, and taking care of your body and soul. JBU understands. That's why the Degree Completion Program was specifically designed to work with – not against – the important things in your life. Our convenient scheduling means that you can take classes in the evenings or online.

Our program has multiple start dates throughout the year, so you start when you're ready.

The Degree Completion Program takes the guesswork out of your educational schedule. In the organizational management program, not only will you know your schedule before you enroll, but once you start, we guarantee that every class in the program will be offered when you need it. When you meet with your admissions counselor to choose a cohort start date, we can tell you when you'll graduate.

"The JBU Degree Completion Program improved my schooling experience. It leaves time for family, God and work."
- Kaley Breeding, Little Rock OM

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