Inclement Weather Policy - Degree Completion Students

During the winter season, inclement weather sometimes necessitates the cancellation of face-to-face classes. Rather than calling your Center, please take advantage of JBU's communication options.
There are a few ways to know if your class is canceled. The easiest is to register for Information Alerts via the Crisis Alert System on JBU's intranet, Eaglenet. The CAS is location specific and is the most up-to-date information available about class cancellation. (Note: class cancellations are an information alert – not a crisis alert – so make sure to register for Information Alerts to hear when classes are cancelled.) Alerts are sent to your JBU email and via a phone call. You may also choose to receive information via text messaging or to an alternative email address. In most circumstances, the decision to cancel is made around 3:00 p.m. Keep in mind, if there is no notification, it's safe to assume that your class will meet.
In addition, we will post closing information on each Center's Facebook page (click the link for each location's page).

The information will also be posted to the JBU Degree Completion website, on the program's Twitter page and broadcast on local television and radio stations when possible.
Note: only face-to-face classes are cancelled due to inclement weather; online classes will continue as scheduled, regardless of weather.
Due to the accelerated nature of our curriculum, all face-to-face Degree Completion courses will require a makeup course session. If your class is cancelled, you can expect to hear from your office manager and/or instructor regarding meeting times for a makeup session.
Your safety is our utmost concern, so if classes are being held but road conditions make it too dangerous for you to attend, please contact your instructor as soon as possible to determine how to submit your missed assignment(s).  

Again, we ask that rather than calling your Center, you plan ahead by choosing one of the above options to access any inclement weather notifications.

Dr. Stacey Duke
Dean of Degree Completion Programs
John Brown University


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