Transferring Federal Aid

Learn more about transferring your aid to JBU

Have you received federal aid elsewhere based on the current year's FAFSA?

Due to federal regulations, students may only receive federal aid at one institution at a time. If you are interested in receiving aid at two institutions during this school year, complete the following steps to transfer your aid to JBU:

1.  Add JBU's school code of 001100 to your current FAFSA. JBU should receive your FAFSA results a few days thereafter.  Note: you must be applicant or have already been accepted into the Degree Completion Program for financial aid to be processed.

2. Provide documentation of the aid already received at your other school and the time period in which it was received. For example, an email to Erica Kollman describing aid received, such as: "I have received a $100 Pell Grant, a $1,000 subsidized loan, and a $1,000 unsubsidized loan at ABC College during fall 2014, and I will not be receiving any aid at ABC institution spring 2015" would give us some of the needed information to set up your financial aid at JBU.

By submitting both of these items, the information provided can be used to generate your financial aid award at JBU.

If you have accepted aid at another institution for the time period that you will now be attending JBU, be sure to notify that institution that you wish to cancel the aid for that time period.

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