Credit for Prior Learning

Non-Traditional Credit Options

JBU recognizes that collegiate-level learning may occur outside of the classroom and has established specific procedures and policies for evaluating and granting credits for prior learning. Credit for Prior Learning may be earned only for documented and currently-held learning. It is not granted simply for experience. "Prior Learning" may result from reading, travel, work experience, workshops or seminars, military training, or other professional or vocational experiences. The guidelines recommended by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning will generally be followed, except where they might conflict with existing policies of the University. 

To request Credit for Prior Learning, you must complete a Petition for Academic Credit form and prepare written documentation of the learning. Such documentation typically involves one or more of the following: 

  1. Submission of a certificate or license issued for a classroom-based corporate or military learning experience determined to be consonant with the John Brown University curriculum for which college credit equivalency has been determined by the American Council on Education (ACE), Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI), or another nationally recognized evaluation organization. Evaluation of certificates and licenses is supervised by the Registrar. 
  2. Submission of a Technical and Professional Training (TPT) worksheet which demonstrates learning attained through workshops or other training experiences that have not been evaluated by ACE, PONSI, or another nationally recognized evaluation organization. 
  3. A life learning essay, at least eight pages in length, developed according to the Kolb model and based on experiential learning which may or may not have resulted from formal instruction and is determined to be consonant with the John Brown University curriculum. In the life learning essay, you must demonstrate how the outcomes of the experiential learning are similar to those of a particular course, or are appropriate to be considered as a topic within a particular subject area. Completed materials are submitted to the Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment. The faculty of the University evaluate TPT worksheets and life learning essays. Faculty evaluators may request additional documentation or restructuring of the student's essay before awarding credit. 

Credit for Prior Learning based on faculty evaluation is limited to 16 semester hours total per student. The posting of Credit for Prior Learning on a student transcript will be in a category labeled as such. The course title will be chosen by the faculty evaluator and the student.

Note: Students will be charged a fee for this process. Payment of the fee in no way guarantees that credit will be awarded.

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