Non-Traditional Credit Options

JBU school code: 9667

The following DANTES tests are recognized by John Brown University for credit toward the Degree Completion Program's elective and general education degree requirements.

Enrolled students should receive the Associate Registrar's approval to apply credit from these tests to their own graduation requirements PRIOR to taking the test via a signed Approval to Transfer Form. Tests which duplicate or overlap previous college credit will not be approved.

The test study sheets are only available in .pdf formats.

More information about DANTES tests, including how to purchase practice tests, is available from the test publisher at www.getcollegecredit.com.

Additional test preparation is available via third-party sources like instantcert.com. Generally, there are additional fees associated with using those resources.

Only the following exams are accepted by JBU's Degree Completion Program:

(Sem Hrs)
SE 461 Art of the Western World 3 400
SF/SG 474 Ethics in America (not available to Liberal Arts majors) 3 400
SE 496 Introduction to World Religions 3 400
SE/SF 815 Principles of Public Speaking (with speech) 3 400
SF 500 Astronomy 3 400
SF/SG 511 Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 3 400
SE 512 Principles of Physical Science I 3 400
SE/SF 483 Civil War and Reconstruction 3 400
SF/SG 498 Criminal Justice 6 400
SE 495 Substance Abuse 3 400
SG/SH 562 Fundamentals of Counseling 3 400
SG 473 History of the Vietnam War 3 400
SF/SG 470 Human/Cultural Geography 3 400
SF/SG 490 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3 400
SG/SH 497 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 400
SN 508 Health and Human Development 3 400
SQ300/ SR300 Math for Liberal Arts 3 400
   ELECTIVES *    
SE 489 Foundations of Education 3 400
SE/SF 543 Introduction to Business** 3 400
SF 536 Introduction to Computing 3 400
SE 551 Management Information Systems 3 400
SG/SH 548 Money and Banking 3 400
SE 550 Personal Finance 3 400
SF/SG 820 Technical Writing 3 400
SN 103 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 3 400


*Exams listed under "Electives" can be applied only as elective credit; however, all DANTES exams listed above can be applied toward elective credit if general education credit is not needed.

**BSBA, BSMA and OL students who want to take the Intro to Business DANTES exam must take it before beginning their program at JBU. Once enrolled, BSBA, BSMA and OL students are no longer eligible to receive credit for that exam.

NOTE:  Exams that duplicate prior college credit will not receive credit, and, therefore, should not be taken. DANTES exams should be selected in conjunction with your overall degree completion plan.

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