Examination Credit Options

Earn credit through DANTES and CLEP Exams

Credit by examination is an inexpensive way for you to validate learning in an academic area by taking a standardized test. Credit by exam is limited to 30 hours.

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational (DANTES)

DANTES exams may be accepted for credit in JBU's Degree Completion programs and are available at the Rogers, Fort Smith, and Little Rock Centers.

JBU's school code for DANTES: 9667

Learn more about DANTES testing

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Learn more about CLEP tests accepted by JBU's Degree Completion Program for elective and general education degree requirements.

Enrolled students should receive Associate Registrar's approval to apply credit from these tests to their own graduation requirements via a signed Approval to Transfer Credit (ATC) form PRIOR to taking the test. Tests that duplicate or overlap previous college credit will not be approved.

JBU's school code for CLEP: 6321

A student may not take a nationally recognized standardized examination (CLEP or DANTES) if currently enrolled in the equivalent course on the first day of the semester. A student may take a CLEP or DANTES equivalent to a course they were enrolled in during an earlier semester.

CLEP Testing Center listing

For more information about CLEP exams and study materials, go to the College Board's web page: www.collegeboard.org/clep/

Note: CLEP credit allowed for English I only, not English II.

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