A JBU education is more affordable than you think.

From increased earning power to greater marketability in the workforce, the professional benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree will impact the rest of your career. But completing your degree isn’t just about improving your job. It’s about finishing what you started, showing your family the importance of education, and fulfilling your lifelong goal of being a college graduate.

Think you can’t afford a private college education? Tuition rates for JBU’s Degree Completion Program are competitive with most non-profit colleges and universities, and considerably less than for-profit institutions. While some universities may list lower tuition rates, the actual cost of attendance includes additional fees for services working adults may not actually need – like athletic fees, parking fees, and student activity fees. When you look at the bottom line, a JBU education is one of the most affordable options in the nation. That’s why US News has ranked us a “Best Value” for the past few years.