Aaron Abbott, Degree Completion Staff

Meet Your Degree Completion Advisor

Aaron AbbottAaron Abbott

Director of Student Services
Enrollment Coordinator for Online Programs

M.S., Arkansas Tech University
B.A., Williams Baptist College

E: aarona@jbu.edu
P: 479-631-4665 / 800-528-4723
C: 479-387-0084
F: 479-631-0897


Why students should choose JBU:
At JBU you can be sure that you are going to get a quality education. US News and World Report has ranked JBU as the #1 baccalaureate college in the south for 2014. At JBU you’ll learn from professors who are living what they’re teaching. Our professors don’t just teach, they’re working in the trenches of their respective fields.  They’ll be able to give you first-hand knowledge and examples of how theory and principles look in a real world setting.

You can also trust that you’ll be taught from a Christian worldview at JBU. Not only will you grow in knowledge, but we hope you’ll grow spiritually as well. While you’re learning to be a business leader or teacher, you’ll also be learning principles of the Christian faith so that you can live out the great commission in your daily life. Your job, whatever it is, can also be your ministry!

What's special about the Degree Completion Program:
Not everyone is in a place in life that enables them to attend college in the traditional setting. The Degree Completion Program is unique in that it’s designed to fit the lifestyle of a busy working adult. With classes available either online or one night per week, you won’t have to worry about juggling work with school.

Something that is perhaps even more special is that you’ll be with the same group of students all the way through the program. This means you’ll have a great network of students to learn alongside and one day graduate with!

About Aaron:
Aaron and his wife, Chelsea, have a daughter named Carobeth. They also have an energetic dog named Brinkley. Aaron loves photography and Chelsea likes to work on crafts that she finds on Pinterest. They enjoy going to sporting events, being outside, and watching TV.


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