City of Siloam Springs Partnership

Tuition Discount & Assistance for the City of Siloam Springs Employees

John Brown University has partnered with the City of Siloam Springs to bring its Online Undergraduate (JBU Online) and Graduate Programs to City of Siloam Springs employees.

Full-time City of Siloam Springs employees receive a 10% tuition discount, as well as any other eligible AR scholarships and grants, in accordance with City of Siloam Springs employees benefit policies and AR Scholarship and grant requirements. These discounts and benefits apply to select Graduate and Online Undergraduate programs.

For specific information regarding tuition assistance and benefits provided by the City of Siloam Springs, employees will need to contact their human resources department.

Want to learn more? Call us at 800-528-4723 or complete the form below.


Degrees Offered with the City of Siloam Springs Discount

Online Undergraduate*:


*JBU Online is a degree completion program. Individuals must have at least 45 semester hours of transferable college credit to begin the program.

**The RN to BSN Program is for licensed registered nurses who have successfully completed at least 60 semester hours of transferable college credit.

Tuition & Financial Aid

At JBU, we value honesty and transparency with our current and future students. JBU charges tuition on a per-credit-hour basis, which can vary depending on the program. JBU does not charge any hidden fees. You can accurately estimate your tuition based on the information found on JBU's Graduate tuition page & Online Undergraduate tuition page.

Course Formats

All of the degrees offered with the City of Siloam Springs discount can be completed either exclusively online or through a combination of online and evening classes at the JBU Rogers Center.