Faculty Excellence Awards

Faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.

The purpose of the Faculty Excellence Award is to honor faculty who have positively influenced students, colleagues, and the JBU community; who have demonstrated excellence in their field; and who have contributed substantially to the goals and mission of JBU. It is an annual award given to full-time staff who have served a minimum of three years on the JBU faculty. Formerly, this was referred to as the Teacher of the Year Award. Nominations for this award come from students, faculty, administration, or staff.  

Faculty Excellence Award Recipients

2018                            Ted Song

2017                            Charles Peer

2016                            John Carmack and Trisha Posey

2015                            Tonya Suarez, Business; Robert Moore, History

2014                            James Bruce, Philosophy

2013                            Jacob Stratman, English; Nick Ogle, Family and Human Studies

2012                            Jane Beers, Biology

2011                             Robbie Castleman, Biblical Studies

2010                            David Andrus, Art; Mandy Moore, Business

2009                            Holly Allen, Biblical Studies

2008                            David Vila, Biblical Studies

2007                            Gary Guinn, English; Carli Conklin, History

2006                            Galen Johnson, Biblical Studies; Frank Blume, Math

2005                            Grace Davis, Education; Lee Netherton, Chemistry

2004                            Don Balla, Business; Ed Klotz, Intercultural Studies

2003                            Jim Walters, Biblical Studies

2002                            Jim Pearson, Engineering; Jan Wubbena, Music

2001                             Kent Davis, CM; Delia Haak, Business


1995                            Gary Guinn, English

1994                            Lee Netherton, Natural Science

1993                            John McCullough, Business

1992                            Joe Walenciak, Business

1991                             Doyle Butts, Business

1990                            Sandra Van Thiel, Teacher Education

1989                            Ida Adolphson

1988                            Leo Setian, Engineering

1987                            Paul Kimball, Business

1986                           Jim Walters, Biblical Studies