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Community Worship Service

The stained glass windows in the Cathedral of the Ozarks tell two stories. The images in the middle of each window represent the story of Christ, starting with his birth. The images at the bottom represent the history of JBU.

This fall, in celebration of JBU's Centennial, our faculty and staff chapel series is "Preaching Through the Windows." 

Click below to listen to a message online, or find the JBU Chapel Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

Window 1

Cathedral Window 1
President Chip Pollard

Window 2

Cathedral Window 2
Steve and Jane Beers

Window 3

Cathedral Window 3
Jim Caldwell

Window 4

Cathedral Window 4
Aminta Arrington

Window 5

Cathedral Window 5
Michelle Satterlee

WIndow 6

Cathedral Window 6
Ryan Ladner

Window 7

Cathedral Window 7
Jen Edwards