Corporation Visit Day

Employer Information

As an employer, you may sign up for any day to come to campus during the 2015 Fall Semester. Dates to avoid visiting campus because of other scheduled activities are Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Oct. 19-20, Nov. 3-5, and Nov. 25-27. Also, finals week will be Dec. 15-18. These dates are not recommended to make a campus visit, unless you wish to just set up a table in our student center for the day.

We would be happy to host you for the day, advertise your arrival on campus, try to get you five to 10 minutes at the beginning of classes so that you can speak about your organization and let the students know about your organization, and even set up interviews for you to make the most out of your time here at JBU. As you register, please let us know, in advance, what ways we can best serve you in the box at the bottom of this form.

As you sign up please give us a three week window between your registration and your arrival on campus so that we can prepare for your arrival. We look forward to your interaction with our students!


First-time visitors = $50 Fee 
Returning visitors = $100 Fee
Non-profits = case-by-case

Checks should be made payable to John Brown University.

Checks may be sent to:

Career Development Center
John Brown University
2000 West University Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Upon our receipt of this registration form, you will receive a confirmation packet with additional information. If you would like to schedule formal interviews, please indicate this preference on the form below.