Leadership (LDR) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the Graduate Business Department

LDR 7113 Foundations of Leadership

Three hours

Historical and contemporary leadership theories and concepts with an emphasis on the moral dimensions of leadership and ethics. Competencies and influences of leaders and followers are contrasted, and students gain insights through personal leadership and character assessments.


LDR 7503 Executive Leadership Seminar

Three hours

A capstone experience which allows participants to explore, discover, and affirm their core values and understand how these are manifested in their personal leadership style. The goal is to spur the development of leaders who operate from a foundation of the highest ethical standards as a strategic key to profitability and long-term sustainability. An additional fee associated with this course.


LDR 8033 Christian Foundations for Organizational Leaders

Three hours

An examination of the basic elements of the Christian faith with the purpose of understanding Christian values and perspectives. Through a study of Christian scripture and literature, students explore the Christian world view, faith, practice, values, testimony, lifestyle, and impact on others. The relevance of Christian faith to organizational leadership is emphasized.


LDR 8333 Global Leadership and Ethics

Three hours

Cross-cultural and global perspectives highlight competitive advantage through diversity. Application of universal standards of leadership and ethics in multiple organizational settings.



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