Political Science (POL) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the Political Science Department

POL 2013 American Government and Politics

Three hours

A study of the origins, institutions, and policies of national, state, and local government in the United States. The course promotes better citizenship through understanding and appreciation of American self-government. A Biblical assessment of the various aspects of American government is offered.

Offered fall semester

POL 3003 Political Philosophy

Three hours

A study of ancient and modern political philosophies, utilizing primary texts. The course addresses the place of political philosophy in the broader field of philosophy, emphasizing a worldview approach as a means of understanding human existence. Topics include nature, reason, freedom, justice, political rights, property, law, religion, will, passions, power, customs, and community. Prerequisite: EGL 1023

Offered spring semester

POL 3213 Religion and Politics

Three hours

An exploration of the intersection of religion and politics in the United States. Topics include distinctions between religious traditions as they pertain to political behavior, the role of religious interest groups in American politics, church-state disputes and controversies, and increasing secularization in the United States.

Offered fall, spring, summer semesters

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