Political Science (POL) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the Political Science Department

POL 2013 American Government

Three hours

A study of the origins, institutions, and policies of national, state, and local government in the United States. The course promotes better citizenship through understanding and appreciation of American self-government. A Biblical assessment of the various aspects of American government is offered.

Offered fall semester

POL 3003 Political Philosophy

Three hours

A study of ancient and modern political philosophies, utilizing primary texts. The course addresses the place of political philosophy in the broader field of philosophy, emphasizing a worldview approach as a means of understanding human existence. Topics include nature, reason, freedom, justice, right, property, law, religion, will, passions, power, customs, and community. Prerequisites: EGL 1023 and HST 1013 or HST 1023

Offered spring semester

POL 3133 Politics of Social Policy

Three hours

An examination of the origin, logic, structure, and function of America‚Äôs social welfare state. Areas explored include income support, poverty and welfare, social security, health care, and affirmative action. Particular emphasis is placed upon evaluating the competing goals of social policy from a Christian perspective. Students will learn how to apply their faith to matters of public policy. 

Offered spring, summer semesters

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