Management (MGT) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered for the Management Major in the College of Business

MGT 2173 Principles of Management

Three hours

A study of basic principles of leadership and management from historical and contemporary perspectives. Topics include a discussion of the theories, concepts, interrelationships, moral dimensions, character, functions, and skills required to lead and manage in today's organizations.

Offered spring semester

MGT 2183 International Management

Three hours

A study of the role of management in directing and improving organizational performance in a global environment. Topics discussed include various types of risk, strategic planning, operations, communications, negotiation, legal and socio-ethical issues. Meets the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum. (Same as INT 2183.)

Offered fall semester

MGT 3513 Human Resource Management

Three hours

Introduction to human resource management principles, processes, and systems, including analysis of such elements as organizational assessment and human resource planning, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits administration, training and development, employee relations, human resource management information systems, and employment laws.

Offered spring semester

MGT 3723 Project Management

Three hours

This course addresses the basic principles of project management, including concepts from the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing process groups. Introduces fundamentals of integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management. Provides training and experience with project management tools and techniques, including work breakdown structures, network diagrams, risk management, earned value management, and other tools. Prerequisite: MGT 2173.

Offered spring semester (even-numbered years)

MGT 4131, 4132, 4133 Selected Topics

One to three hours

A course offering students opportunities to study subjects of special interest. May be offered on a group basis in a classroom setting or as independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: junior standing and consent of instructor.

Offered upon sufficient request

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