International Business (INT) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in International Business under the Soderquist College of Business

INT 3173 International Finance

Three hours

Study of methods and processes of financial management for multinational organizations. Prerequisites: ATG 2183, and ECN 2003 or ECN 2113.

Offered fall semester

INT 3273 Cross Cultural Business Intelligence

Three hours

This course explores the challenges of communication and culture in a diverse workforce and the complexities of managing in countries with different religions, traditions, and value systems. The course focuses on the ability of managers to lead, motivate, communicate, and negotiate with individuals from different cultures. Students will study cultural differences regarding work and time, wealth and success, gender and the family, religion and language. This course will help participants achieve their business goals by improving their international business communication and cultural sensitivity skills. A focus on oral presentation skills and excellent written communication will be maintained throughout the entirety of the course.

Offered spring semester (even-numbered years)

INT 4103 Global Environment of Business

Three hours

This course will provide an overview of the relationship between multinational enterprises and the environment in which they compete. Emphasis will be placed on understanding cultural contexts and informal and formal institutions which shape the global environment. Meets the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Offered each semester

INT 4131, 4132, 4133 Selected Topics

One to three hours

A course offering students opportunities to study subjects of special interest. May be offered on a group basis in a classroom setting or as independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: junior standing.

Offered upon sufficient request

INT 4163 Global Strategy

Three hours

This course is a simulation of real-world international marketing and management situations. Students will learn how to navigate working with teams in different cultures, create global marketing strategies for companies, and lead international teams. This hands-on course will incorporate standardized global principles with real-world case studies. Upon finishing the class, students will have a broader understanding of what it means to think with a geocentric mindset.

Offered spring semester (odd-numbered years)


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