Graduation and Commencement

Fulfilling Graduation Requirements for Commencement Ceremony Participation

Application for Graduation

An application for graduation form is provided online as part of the pre-registration process for students registering for their final semester in residence before completion of degree requirements. This application provides information regarding the graduation fee, exit assessment requirements, and a final check of the student's name as it is to appear on the diploma and in the commencement program.

Participation in Commencement Exercises

Degree candidates may participate in commencement exercises only upon completion of all degree requirements no later than the last day of the semester. Any course work in progress at other institutions must be completed during terms ending no later than one week following JBU commencement. If grades for the transfer work will not be reported at least five weeks prior to commencement, the student must complete and return to the registrar a Commencement Participation Approval form, available in the Associate Registrar's Office. Students may petition the Dean of Undergraduate Studies for permission to participate in commencement with courses pending as long as they have a plan to complete any pending course work within a few months of commencement. Students enrolled at JBU who complete their degree during their final semester of attendance are only eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony held at the end of that semester.

For students who leave JBU with unmet degree requirements, eligibility to participate in commencement is limited to the commencement at the end of the following semester. Students not enrolled at JBU during the semester in which they plan to graduate must contact the Registrar's Office in writing during the first two weeks of the semester, declaring their intention to participate in commencement. Failure to do so may result in the student not being listed in the commencement program. Furthermore, participation eligibility is dependent upon compliance with all of the deadlines posted on the JBU commencement web site.

Graduation Requirements after Extended Absence

In general, a student is required to graduate under the requirements of a catalog which is current at the time of graduation. Current catalogs are those dated for the year in which a student's degree is conferred and for the four preceding years.

A student who, after an extended absence, desires to complete graduation requirements under a catalog which was in effect while the student was in residence at JBU is subject to the following:

1. The student must meet the requirements in the major field as listed in a current catalog completing in the five years prior to graduation a minimum of six semester hours in the major field (as approved by the major department).

2. If general education requirements were completed under the older catalog, the general education requirements of a current catalog are considered met. In areas (biblical studies, social studies, natural science, etc.) where not all general education requirements were completed, current catalog requirements must be met.

3. A student completing one of the teacher education curricula must meet Arkansas certification requirements in effect at the time of graduation.

4. All provisions of the residence requirement must be met.

Fresh Start Policy

A student who re-enrolls in the university after an absence of seven or more years and completes one full-time semester or term with a 2.0 GPA or higher may request a "Fresh Start" by petitioning the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This petition must be made within one semester following the first semester in which a 2.0 or greater is earned. If the petition is approved, none of the credits earned prior to the absence will be included in the GPA calculation and only those with a 'C' or higher may be used to fulfill graduation requirements. In effect, the Fresh Start treats early JBU work as transfer work. After the "Fresh Start" is applied to a student's transcript, those courses with a 'C' or higher will be designated by 'CR' and those with a 'C-' or lower will be designated by 'NC'.

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