Indication of each student's progress is reported regularly by instructors. The grading scale used as a basis for letter grades is established by the instructor of each course.

Grade Points per Semester Hour (effective Fall 1999)

A Superior Accomplishment                              4.0

A-                                                                         3.7

B+                                                                        3.3

B Commendable Accomplishment                    3.0

B-                                                                         2.7

C+                                                                        2.3

C Satisfactory Accomplishment                         2.0

C-                                                                          1.7

D+                                                                         1.3

D Minimal Accomplishment                                1.0

F Failure                                                              0.0

The following are not included in grade point average:

I - Incomplete work

S - Satisfactory

U - Unsatisfactory

NC - No credit earned

WP - Withdrew, passing

WF - Withdrew, failing

W - Withdrew

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete ('I') grade must be made up within 30 days after the official grade reporting date. After the 30 days, the incomplete grade will be changed to a grade of 'F'. In extenuating circumstances, the instructor may request an extension date from the Dean of Academic Services. An 'F' grade that results due to a grade of incomplete 'I' may be changed upon approval of the instructor and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

When an 'F' grade has been received (other than an incomplete 'I' grade changed to 'F'), credit cannot be secured for work without repetition of the entire course.

Internship Grading

Internships and practicums may be evaluated using standard letter grades. However, because of the subjective nature of the experiences, grades of 'S' or 'U' normally are assigned. Credit hours accrue in either case.

Grade Renewal

A student may repeat any course on his or her academic record with prior approval of the department and the registrar, with the understanding that all courses and grades will remain on the permanent record. However, only one taking of the course may contribute hours to the total for graduation, and only the highest grade received will be included in the calculation of the student's grade point average. If the student receives permission and renews a grade by means of transferring an equivalent course from another institution, the completed course is posted with a grade of 'CR', and any prior attempts are excluded from graduation hours and the grade point average.

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