Finance (FIN) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in Finance under the Soderquist College of Business

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FIN 3063 Investments

FIN 4283 Intermediate Corporate Finance

FIN 3003 Principles of Finance

Three hours

This course presents the basic concepts and tools of contemporary finance including the role of managerial finance, the financial market environment, financial statements and ratio analysis, cash flow and financial planning, the time value of money, interest rates, bond and stock valuation, and risk and return. Emphasis is placed on practical financial problem solving using financial formulas, a calculator, and Excel. Prerequisite: ATG 1163 or ATG 2173.

Offered each semester

FIN 3103 Personal Financial Planning

Three hours

This course is an introduction to the fundamental issues of personal financial planning from a professional perspective. The class is designed to provide students with an understanding of the financial planning process, money management and investments, the economic environment, risk management, the legal environment, and institutional concepts to advise individuals, families, and small businesses in achieving their financial goals. Prerequisite: FIN 3003.

Offered spring semester (odd-numbered years)

FIN 4243 Portfolio Management

Three hours

This course studies the concepts and evidence relevant to the management of investment portfolios. Lecture topics include diversification, asset allocation, portfolio optimization, factor models, the relation between risk and return, trading, passive (e.g., index-fund) and active (e.g., hedge-fund, long-short) strategies, mutual funds, performance evaluation, long-horizon investing and simulation. The course deals very little with individual security valuation and discretionary investing (i.e., “equity research” or “stock picking”). Students take an active role in the class through presentations, discussions, and group projects that simulate the real world decision making of professional portfolio managers. Prerequisite: FIN 3003.

Offered spring semester (even-numbered years)

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