Academic Policies - Course work

Policies Addressing Requisites, Course Load, Required Core, Independent Study, Adding & Dropping, and Auditing Courses

Availability of Courses

Accompanying the description of each course in the back section of this catalog is an indication of the semester in which the course is to be offered. This data is subject to occasional modification. Accordingly, the university reserves the right to withdraw, with reasonable notice, any course offering for a particular semester.

Independent Study

Independent study courses are those in which students do not meet in a typical classroom setting but study independently under the regular supervision of a full-time faculty member. The topic of study may be an area of special interest normally outside of the existing curriculum. A student must complete an application for Independent Study form that can be picked up at the Registrar's Office. Approval must be provided by the professor supervising the independent study and the dean of the college or chair of the division in which the course resides. A non-refundable fee of $121 per semester hour will be charged to the student. In some special circumstances, the college dean or division chair may waive the fee. The student will pay all normal per-credit tuition charges for hours below 12 or above 18 hours.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students are not permitted to enroll for courses for which they have not completed all prerequisites. A prerequisite course must have been completed with an acceptable passing grade before enrollment in the given course is permitted. A corequisite is a course in which a student must be enrolled and satisfactorily participating simultaneously to the given course. The instructor of a course can waive a prerequisite for a specific student.

Required Enrollment in Specific Core Curriculum Courses

All regularly enrolled students must complete both the freshman level Core Curriculum Bible courses by the end of their first two years of attendance.

All regularly enrolled students except those in associate degree programs must enroll for EGL 1013 and EGL 1023 during their first two semesters of enrollment. However, some students are required to complete English as a Second Language or EGL 1003 Basic Writing before enrolling in EGL 1013.

All new students must complete the Gateway Seminar in Christian Scholarship during their first semester of attendance.

Maximum Course Load

The normal maximum semester load is 18 credit hours, but the student's grade point average affects the limit for the next term. A full-time student who earns a 3.0 GPA during a semester at JBU will be permitted to enroll for an increased load. First-time freshmen students are limited to a maximum of 18 hours during their first semester.

GPANext semester maximum

Sem 3.0 to 3.24

Sem 3.25 to 3.49

Sem 3.5 or better

Cum Below 2.0 (Academic Probation)

19 semester hours

20 semester hours

21 semester hours

15 semester hours

Enrolling for any credit hours beyond 18 in a semester will incur additional tuition charges at one-half the regular per-hour rate, regardless of prior grade point average. Enrollment for more than 21 hours is permitted only upon approval of a petition to the Dean of Academic Services.

The maximum summer term load is six credit hours. A student whose grade point average for the previous semester was 3.25 or better may petition to enroll for additional hours.

Late Enrollment

Any student who enrolls after the close of the regular registration period may be subject to limitations in the course load. No student is permitted to enroll for the semester after the end of the tenth day of classes.

Auditing Courses

Students may register for courses on a non-credit or audit basis, provided the proper procedure is followed, either at initial registration for the semester or by official change of registration prior to the stated deadlines. The names of such students will be entered on the class roll, and the class appears in the student's academic record, but without credit and with final grade of  'S' or 'U'. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a statement of grading criteria for satisfactory participation from the instructor. Tuition is charged at one-half of the rate of for-credit registrations and subject to the same regulations.

The last day to add a course under 'audit' status and the last day to change a course from 'audit' to 'credit' status is the last day to add a course. The last day to change from 'credit' to 'audit' status is the last day to drop a course.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Courses may be added after initial registration, provided the procedure is completed by the close of the second week of classes. Courses dropped by the approved procedure before the end of the eighth week of classes will not appear on the permanent record. Non-completion of a course thereafter will result in a letter grade based upon the student's performance relative to the required work for the complete course.

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