Intercultural Studies (ICS) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the Intercultural Studies Department

ICS 1511 Introduction to Walton Scholarship

One hour

Preparation for incoming freshmen in the Walton International Scholarship Program (WISP). A foundation for success at JBU is laid by helping students understand the WISP's goals and gain skills needed for a successful college career.

Offered fall semester

ICS 2113 Intercultural Communication

Three hours

A study of the process of interpersonal communication in one's own culture and the principles of effective communication within another cultural context. Attention is given to values, ethnocentricity, nonverbal communication, and change. Meets the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Offered each semester

ICS 2123 Cultural Anthropology

Three hours

The study of culture, language, economics, kinship, marriage, gender, social control, social stratification, religion, art, and cultural change from an applied anthropological perspective using case studies. Meets the Social Science requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Offered fall semester

ICS 2991, 2993 Study Abroad Experience

One or three hours

A study of a particular non-U.S. region or culture that includes a minimum four-week immersion experience in that region or culture. Meets the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Offered upon sufficient request

ICS 3133 Cultural Research Methods

Three hours

A study of the stages of field research, data-gathering techniques, participant observation, interviewing, census, mapping, document analysis, and trends in ethnographic research. Prerequisite: ICS 2113 or ICS 2123.

Offered spring semester (odd-numbered years)

ICS 3163 Geo-Cultural Studies

Three hours

Researching the history, geography, social structure, religious, and economic environments of specific countries to be visited by student teams.

Offered upon sufficient request

ICS 3171, 3172, 3173 Selected Topics

One to three hours

Investigation of subjects of specific interest and importance to the student preparing for specialized intercultural service.

Offered upon sufficient request

ICS 3243 Principles and Philosophy of Community Development

Three hours

An introduction to the basic principles and strategies of community development. Students learn how to facilitate community development in impoverished areas in such a way that faith and appropriate technology are joined together to reduce human drudgery, to alleviate poverty, and to contribute to a deeper understanding and effective application of spiritual truths. Emphasis is placed upon the developer's role as a facilitator of social change, the skills needed for facilitating social change, and an understanding of how communities adopt new ideas. Prerequisite: ICS 2113 or ICS 2123.

Offered fall semester (even-numbered years)

ICS 3263, 3283 Theory and Practice of Appropriate Technology I, II

Each course, three hours

Appropriate Technology (AT) is a study of applying technologies relevant to the context or environment in which they will be used. Emphasis is placed on applying technologies of housing and construction, energy, food production, land management, manufacturing, and health and sanitation to community development projects. Prerequisite for 3283: ICS 3263.

Offered summer (May)

ICS 4123 Intercultural Internship

Three hours

A supervised intercultural experience in which the student works with an approved mentor selected with the vocational objectives of the student in mind. A minimum of 135 hours of practical service is required. Written assignments are required, including a personal philosophy of intercultural service. Limited to Intercultural Studies majors.

Offered each semester

ICS 4133 Intercultural Leadership Skills

Three hours

A practical examination of the process of developing and maintaining effective intercultural relationships. Leadership skills, intercultural team dynamics and conflict resolution, and the servant model of leadership are considered. 

Offered fall semester (odd-numbered years)

ICS 4183 Cultural Values Seminar

Three hours

An examination of contemporary Western values contrasted with values expressed in other cultures and evaluated in light of biblical principles. Enrollment limited to Intercultural Studies majors and minors in the final year; by consent of the instructor. Prerequisite: ICS 2113 or ICS 2123.

Offered fall semester

ICS 4511 Capstone to Walton Scholarship

One hour

Preparation for graduating seniors in the Walton International Scholarship Program. Topics of discussion include re-entry into Latin American culture, professional considerations, and future roles as successful WISP alumni.

Offered spring semester

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