First Destination Survey Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions by Graduating Students

Question: What is the First Destination Survey?

Answer: The First Destination Survey is a brief online survey that asks graduating students what their plans are upon graduation from John Brown University. Graduates will answer questions about career assistance on campus, job plans, graduate school plans, salary and other career development related subjects.

Question: How long will it take to complete the survey?

Answer: Five to ten minutes.

Question: Where do I find the First Destination Survey?

Answer: The First Destination Survey is accessed through a link given to graduates in an email. You will need to login to EagleNet to complete the survey.

Question: How will this information be used?

Answer: JBU uses this information to evaluate and improve services offered to all JBU alumni as well as current and future students in reaching career endeavors. Summary reports of the results are used for planning, accreditation and compliance. By filling out this survey, you contribute to the future value of your degree earned at JBU.

Question: Are my responses confidential?

Your responses are confidential, and no individual’s answers are identified in any reports. John Brown University is collecting this information for internal purposes of the Career Development Center. Your individual responses will not be released to anyone outside of John Brown University.

Question: Why is a hold placed on my account?

In order to achieve 100% response rate, we put a hold on each graduate's account. This survey is important to planning and ensuring the integrity of your degree. Therefore, we need the participation of all graduating students.