Faculty & Staff Resources

Resources for Assisting Student in their Career Needs

These resources have been developed to aid you in assisting students:  

  • Faculty partnership form  - (FOR FACULTY/STAFF ONLY) Complete for the CDC to visit your classroom or event, provide resources, connect you to department partnerships or help you sponsor events.
  • Click here to view the Recruiting Policy.
  • If you would like to refer a student to our office, please direct them to make an appointment on JBU Handshake or email us at cdc@jbu.edu.
  • See a list of our services offered 

Job Posting Request

If you know of a great opportunity for our students or alumni, please direct employers and organizations to JBU Handshake. We accept professional full-time, part-time, and internship positions.

Faculty Partnership Opportunities

We look forward to partnering with you! We know that student approach you with many career-related questions including choosing a major, finding an internship, and searching for employment after graduation. We hope to be of assistance in helping you and our students! Fill out this form or contact us if you have any questions.