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Employer Partnership Fact Sheet

Employer Partnership FAQs

What are Employer Partners?

Employer partners are companies, organizations, and graduate schools that have opted into a partnership with John Brown University in order to increase their interactions and recruitment of JBU students. This program exists to foster connections between companies and talented, passionate students at JBU. The employer partnership has three levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Employer Spotlight Partnerships. Each level has different benefits that can be used to elevate recruitment and student connection at JBU. These benefits can be divided into three categories: on-campus recruiting, increased visibility, and event benefits.

Why does JBU Career Development Center have Employer Partners?

The Career Development Center started the Employer Partnership program to open the door for companies to increase their company visibility and connect them with JBU students. Being an Employer Partner with JBU allows us to intentionally work with your company to help you promote the benefits of your company and recruit JBU students.

Click the appropriate link below for questions regarding Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

(For questions regarding the employer spotlight, click here). 


What benefits do all levels have?

Each level includes a recruitment strategy session with a CDC staff member to help you plan your recruitment strategy at JBU. Each partnership level also includes an email to JBU Faculty and increased company visibility through on campus promotions, social media promotions, and job blast emails.

What is the difference between the Gold, Silver, and Bronze partnerships?

The difference between the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level partnerships is based on the number of recruitment and promotions available for a company to use in a given year. Gold partners, the highest level, can have a JBU CDC social media takeover, presentation to the CDC staff, unlimited on-campus visual advertisements, and the ability to present at JBU at the Spring Career Development Center event. Look here for more information on all the perks.

How do I know which level of partnership my company should purchase?

The partnership levels primarily differ based on the number of promotional opportunities available. If your company has a desire to post on JBU CDC’s social media, connect with faculty and student organizations, or have more personal connections with the Career Development Center and JBU Students, then a Gold partnership would be best! If your company wants to do a few promotions at JBU and primarily promote themselves a few times during the year, then a Bronze partnership will work best. Again, you can find more information about all the benefits for Employer Partners here.

Is becoming an Employer Partner worth your time?

Past employers have stated this about JBU students:

“Last summer, we had two interns from JBU and we were so impressed with them both. Their work ethic, spiritual maturity, and professionalism was a benefit to the ministry and we were sad to see them go!” -Mary Salazar, Internship Program Manager, Focus On The Family

"Having worked with current students and JBU graduates at multiple companies and in different environments, there is an undeniable common thread among them. Each carries a keen, values-based appetite to achieve and make a meaningful impact for both their organization's bottom line and the wellbeing of their communities."-Donny Epp, Communications Director, Simmons Foods

How do I get the most out of my Employer Partnership?

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your employer partnership with JBU:

  1. Planning your strategy is an important part of the process to see the full benefits of your partnership. Choosing optimal recruitment times to take advantage of your benefits is also important.
  2. Communicating with Career Development staff is key in helping us to understand how to showcase your brand.
  3. Taking advantage of ALL of the benefits and spreading them out throughout the school year. Students often search for jobs at different times during the year. By recruiting all year, you can communicate to a more diverse group of students.
  4. Staying active in Handshake. Keep jobs up to date. Send messages to students through Handshake as well as looking through public profiles. Create events that can be promoted through your partnership.


How do I engage with employer partners?

Employer partners will engage with faculty in primarily two ways. Each employer partner will be included in an email to all faculty at the beginning of each academic year. This email will include the company description and current job openings. As a faculty member, you can keep up to date on the job postings of each employer partner through emailing the Career Development Center.

 Gold and Silver partners have a special opportunity to be connected with faculty members through the Faculty & Employer email connect. This is an opportunity for employers to talk directly to faculty for the majors they are most interested in recruiting for their positions.  

How can I encourage students to engage with employer partners?

You can encourage students to be engaged with employer partners through keeping up-to-date on current job and internship openings that may be of interest to your students. Employer partner job postings can be found in Handshake. Email cdc@jbu.edu for login information.

How can I expect employer partners to engage with me?

You may receive an email from one of our Gold or Silver partners. If this happens, there are many possible ways the employer could interact with you. They may wish for you to promote their organization in your classes or to present in one of your classes. This is a great opportunity to showcase our employer partners.


Why should I pay attention to the Career Development Employer Partners?

Employer partners are employers who are especially interested in hiring JBU students and alumni! This is a great opportunity to learn more about potential jobs and organizations. Employer partners may host events on campus, communicate with student organizations you are a part of, or have social media promotions. The goal of all these activities is to engage better with YOU.

There is an Employer Partner that I am really interested in. How can I interact with them more?

You can interact with our employer partners through attending their events via handshake, applying for their jobs on handshake, reaching out to employers directly via handshake, or through meeting them at a career fair. All of these opportunities will allow you to get to know the organization better.

Where do I find more information about the Employer Partners?

You can find more information about the employer partners on our website or by looking at the employers on Handshake. You will also receive an email at the beginning of each academic year with the list of employer partners and a description of their organization. This is a great starting point to learn more about the employer partners!