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Application Tools:

Want to have your resume, cover letter or other application materials reviewed by Career Development? Upload them into JBU Handshake We can review all your job application documents!  We strive to have all resumes reviewed within 3 business days.

Interview Prep

Interview E-Guide

Mock Interviewmock interview is a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides you an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills and receive feedback. To schedule a mock-interview, make an appointment on Handshake with one of our experienced career coaches.

Career Portfolio

Add to your interview by bringing along a career portfolio. Most job seekers to not use a portfolio because they do not realize the value of having one, do not know what to put in it, or simply do not take the time to create it. While it is not expected, it can help you stand out in an interview and give you example to show of your work and experience.

A career portfolio is not simply a list of experiences and accomplishments or a letter that you write about yourself, but instead it is a collection of actual documents that support and make tangible the things that you want to say about yourself. It is usually a small 3-ring binder with plastic protector sheets and categorized tabs. Or it can be a virtual portfolio on a hard drive or webpage. It is also important to have a table of contents.

What to include:
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Copies of Letter of Recommendations
  • Copies of Education Certificates, Licenses and Degrees
  • Copies of Transcripts
  • Copies of Awards, Honors or Recognition Items
  • Samples of Work or Summaries of Projects - a report, spreadsheet, flow chart, test, project, etc
  • Research, Publications or Reports
  • Employment Evaluations
  • List of Conferences or Workshops attended
  • Skills and Marketable Qualities - This section should include a name of the skills area, the performance or behavior, knowledge, or trait that contributed to your success, your background and specific experience in the area
  • List of Accomplishments 
  • Volunteering/Community Service
  • Career Summary and Goals - a description of what you stand for and where you want to see your self in 2-5 years
  • Professional Philosophy or Mission Statement - A short description of guiding principles that give you purpose. 

Co-Curricular Transcript

The Career Development Center is passionate about helping students recognize the ways activities outside the classroom can positively impact their professional growth. One of the services we offer is the documentation of these activities through co-curricular transcripts. We encourage club and organization leaders to track the involvement of their members. 

To learn more about the co-curricular transcripts, please email our team at

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