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Services for Alumni


Help Future JBU Alumni

As you continue to advance in your career, consider partnering with us in mentoring current students in their career development process. This could include being a part of our workshops or events, referring students for jobs and internships, and promoting JBU in your workplace.

If you love your company and think it would be a great fit for more JBU students, let us know! We are always looking for more partnerships and positions for our students. Send us an email to let us know how you would like to be involved. Add us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay connected.

Encourage your company to post open positions to JBU Handshake or come recruit on campus for positions (You will need an employer account on Handshake). We can set up a promotional table, information session and even student interviews.

 Tips for Career Change

Changing your career is an intimidating undertaking. A good resume and cover letter is the first step to showing your future employer that you have the relevant skills and education to fulfill the position. Use the tips below to write your resume and cover letter.

Resume Tips

Cover Letter Tips

  • Be honest. It does not do you any good to try and hide that you are changing careers. Be open and give them a good and honest reason about why you are changing careers.
  • Discuss your transferable skills that you listed in your resume. You have more skills than you realize for your new career. Most employers are looking for people who have good communication, leadership and problem solving skills.
  • See the cover letter guide.

Reading List: The Perfect Book to Read at Every Stage of Your Career