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CARE Clinic Overview

What You Need to Know

The CARE Clinic is a counseling center with offices in Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock and Fort Smith that offers affordable counseling to anyone in the community.  

Why Seek Counseling?

People seek counseling with a desire for growth and change.  The process involves meeting with a trained professional.

Who Are the Counselors?

The CARE Clinic counselors are master's level students at John Brown University in the final stages of the counseling program. The CARE Clinic also offers services with licensed professionals at a different rate for those who do not wish to meet with a counseling intern. 

Is There a Spiritual Component to Counseling?

The counselors at the CARE Clinic are trained to incorporate spirituality if the client wishes.  However, counselors will respect those who do not seek a spiritual component.  

What are the Services?

The CARE Clinic offers many services and will not discriminate based on age, gender, or personal values.   

What Kinds of Issues are Treated?

The counselors at the CARE Clinic are trained to treat many issues.  The staff and counselors will do their best to meet the needs of each individual or family. 

How Frequent and What is the Length of the Sessions?

A typical session lasts fifty minutes and meets on a weekly basis.  Other arrangements can be made to meet the needs of each individual or family.

What Are the Fees?

CARE Clinic fees range from $10 to $50 and are based on family size and gross annual income.  Rates may be higher for licensed professional counselors.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Cash or check is accepted at each clinic; credit cards are accepted at some locations.  Although some of our licensed professional counselors accept insurance for their sessions, our clinic does not accept insurance at this time; however, a receipt may be given if the client wishes to file on his or her own.

Are the Sessions Confidential?

Regarding confidentiality, each counselor is trained to follow the Arkansas Counseling Association's Code of Ethics and federal HIPAA guidelines.

Clinic Locations

CARE Clinic offices are located in Siloam Springs, Fort Smith, Springdale and Little Rock.

Clinic Hours

The CARE Clinic offers daytime and evening hours of availability Monday through Friday. 

Contact information

Please feel free to contact the Northwest Arkansas clinic at 479-524-7300 or, the Fort Smith clinic at 479-478-7048 or, or the Little Rock clinic at 501-219-9245 or staff is available to answer any questions and set up an appointment.

"God's heart beating for a hurting world."


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