Protect Your Room or Apartment

  • Lock your door, even if you are only going to the bathroom or room next door. A surprising number of thefts from room to room happen while the resident is on the same floor, but has just stepped out for "a minute."
  • Lock your door when you are asleep.
  • Limit the amount of money and valuables you keep in your room. Keep those items out of sight. Do not make an opportunity for theft.
  • The residence halls remain locked at all all times, and require an ID card to gain entrance to them. Exterior doors to the residence halls are locked at midnight Sunday through Thursday and at 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Only the main entrance to each hall can be used at these times. Never prop open any outside door to a residence hall. Close any exterior doors that you find propped open and report them to the RA on duty. Open doors are invitations to strangers and others who do not have any reason to be in the building; some may be thieves or worse.
  • Challenge anyone who is trying to get into your hall. Suspicious people and others who cannot satisfactorily explain their presence should be asked to leave and should be reported immediately to Campus Safety and the RA on duty. Provide an accurate description of the person(s) and his or her whereabouts.
  • When moving in or out of your room, do not leave suitcases and other belongings unattended. Lock your room door, car door and trunk as you make trips back and forth.
  • Never loan your keys to anyone — not even a friend. They may not be as careful with them as you are, and may lose or misplace them just long enough for the wrong person to gain possession.
  • Report any lost keys to your RA or CRL immediately.

Protect Yourself

  • Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of assault. Rape Prevention Education, Personal Safety, and Safety and Self-Defense Classes are offered every semester.
  • Be aware — sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances more often than strangers.

Protect Your Bicycle

  • Secure your bike at all times. Buy a good lock and cable or chain and use it. Lock your bike to a fixed object (i.e., bike rack or pod) whenever possible.

At Other Locations On Campus

  • Never leave backpacks, purses, books, or other valuables unattended in classrooms or library.
  • Remove all unnecessary valuables from your backpack. The backpack shelves in the bookstore and dining hall are not secure.
  • Put your name on your property, your books and calculators.
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