Monday, October 10, 2016

Dear Students,

The recent actions of some individuals to scare other people has been concerning and disconcerting. Hopefully the ones who think it's funny to do this will lose interest and stop their behavior.

Prior to Wednesday the 5th, there were many references to clowns being sighted, but neither Campus Safety nor the police were able to locate any direct witnesses. On Wednesday the 5th, two groups were found with a mask, one on campus and one off campus, and in both cases the police had conversations with the individuals. 

We are aware of one other sighting, on Thursday the 6th, about 9:30 pm, a person in a mask was along the walking trail near Balzer Technology Center, the witness was jogging by and was not alarmed by the masked person.

Even if there weren't individuals trying to scare people, we always recommend that students not go our alone at night, it is better and more safe to go with someone. 

I would welcome conversations about this issue with individuals or groups, so please let me know when and where you would like to meet.

Scott Wanzer

Campus Safety


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