Student Use of a Metal Fire Pit

This policy allows fire pits only for these residential areas:

  • Holly houses
  • Northslope Townhouses
  • Northslope Apartments
  • West Twin Springs Apartments
(Residential Halls may not use fire pits)


  • Check Benton County Fire Danger: To see if a fire is an option, students must check the website listed below, ensuring it is tuned to “Benton” county. A fire is permitted if the color for “Fire Danger” for the day is Green. If the color for “Fire Danger” for the day in question is Yellow or Red, a fire is NOT permitted. The condition must remain Green throughout the event.
  • Communicate with RD or Campus Safety:  At least two hours before the fire, students must communicate to the Resident Director (RD) or Campus Safety that a fire pit will be used with specific times of use. The RD or Campus Safety may confirm that the Fire Danger condition is Green.
  • Proper Location: The fire pit must be used on a concrete surface at least 20 feet from the Residence.
  • Maximum dimensions for fire pits: 32 in. diameter, 21 in. height.
  • Rules during use:
    • A fire extinguisher must be located outside near the fire pit during times of use.
    • Students may not leave the fire pit unattended while in use. Students who leave a fire pit unattended will be subject to appropriate fines and future disallowed use.
    • Students must put out the fire at the conclusion of the event. All material must be cool to the touch.
    • If unsafe conditions are observed at the fire site by JBU staff, the fire will be extinguished.
    • By City Code, if someone complains about a fire, and the issue cannot be resolved, the fire has to be extinguished.

* Please note that individuals are responsible for damages and injuries that may result from a fire,
or its smoke, originating from a fire pit as afforded by law*

If you have any questions, please contact


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