Visitor Parking

Welcome to JBU

No matter what brings you to campus, we want your experience to be a positive one.

Visitors are permitted to park in ANY parking lot on JBU's campus. At the entrance to each lot you will see metal signs that designate who can park there and "visitors" is always listed. (Note: There are a few reserved parking spaces on campus for specific positions (i.e. resident directors of residence halls) and, of course, please observe normal handicapped parking rules.

While parking passes are never required, should you wish to obtain one you can do so by emailing Campus Safety ( or stop at the receptionist desk at Simmons Great Hall.

Our campus safety officers regularly monitor our parking lots to ensure that faculty, staff and students have the correct parking permits and are parked in the correct designated areas. If you mistakenly receive a ticket, please email Campus Safety ( with the ticket number and we will void the ticket.

Enjoy your visit.




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