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Thursday, March 23, 2017

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There are only three times of the year when campus is without students.  Those are during the summer, over Christmas break, and right now (spring break).  The residence halls are closed for break which means our students must go somewhere.  Some are on trips through the university to Chicago, Minnesota, or Atlanta.  Others have made plans with friends to visit a different (probably warm) part of the country.  And others likely are simply choosing to go home.  That is often a very good decision, especially for our first-year students.  This is such a good time for some rest before the final 5 weeks of the year.  They have been going strong academically for the 11 weeks since Christmas and face a busy last stretch before the summer that includes applying for various positions on campus for next year, signing up for room draw, registering for classes, projects/papers/presentations, and finals.  We hope that you, as parents, are currently enjoying their time at home.  We also hope that you see them awake every so often! 

While your sons and daughters are home, here are some examples of questions that might be supportive and appropriate at this point in the academic year.

1. How has this semester been different (academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally) than the first?

2. What does finishing the semester well look like for you?

3. Are there opportunities for next year that you are interested in that you would need to pursue and apply for yet this spring?



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