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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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As the end of the academic year quickly approaches, our students are often very tired and may be wishing away time in anticipation of the extended summer break.  That is often especially true of our first-year students.  The first year, with its highs/lows/twists/turns that naturally come with the transition to college, leaves these students excited for the comfort and familiarity of home.  However, while all the many belongings re-entering might be the same, the person unloading them may have changed.  There is growth, maturity, independence, and confidence that often comes with successfully navigating the first year of college, and we certainly hope the changes you see are good!  Below are some questions that might allow you to help them reflect on their year.

1. How has your worldview changed throughout the year from what you have learned inside (or outside) the classroom?

  • "Worldview" will be a very familiar term to them from Gateway :)

2. In what ways have you experienced the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord at JBU?

3. Who are the people that you met that had the most significant impact on your first year?

4. What areas of your life at school would you like to change or be different when you return for your second year?

5. What opportunities for continued growth do you have this summer that will best prepare you for when you return in the fall?

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