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Monday, February 20, 2017

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Before I came to JBU, I had heard about the amazing community that JBU has. And this is one of the largest factors that drew me to choose this university. I wanted a strong Christian Community where I have opportunities to grow in my faith and meet all kinds of people. Also, since I am a missionary kid and lived in Kenya for about nine years, I wanted a community that would support me in my transition to the United States. During my first semester, and so far this second semester, JBU has gone above and beyond in these areas!

My first experience of the JBU community was during orientation. I was placed in a group of other freshmen and I had no idea who those people were. In this small group we got to know each other and we played all kinds of games together. If it were not for this group, I wouldn’t have gotten to know some of the people who have become good friends of mine. Also, during this orientation week I got to have fun with the freshmen student body and became acquainted with the community I was about to be placed into.

Another aspect of community is the dorm. I’m in Mayfield and I absolutely LOVE it! (Down Middle is the best). I’ve enjoyed getting to know the different people, whether they live on my hall or up a flight of stairs. We’ve had great conversations about homesickness, relationships, God, school, and so much more. God has really blessed me to be in this community of ladies in Mayfield who have open hearts and ears to help me when I’m hurting and encourage me. Likewise, I’ve been able to listen to them and get to know about their lives and struggles. There are so many ladies in Mayfield who are real and have wonderful hearts, ready for a good conversation. Whether it’s these deep conversations or random trips to Tulsa or to Onyx or birthday parties in the basement, I’ve made so many memories with my Mayfield friends that I cherish!

As a missionary kid, I’m so grateful for the Missionaries in Residence (MIRs)! The community that is developed at their house is full of love and comfort. A lot of my friends are also MKs, which has made my transition easier. I have plenty of friends who aren’t MKs, but it’s nice to have people who get where I am coming from. On the flip side, it’s been good to have people who are different than me and challenge my ways of thinking. Through conversations with friends and in the classroom, I’ve been challenged with my values. And it’s through these challenges that I am made stronger. There have been times that I realized that I need to change the way I see different situations.

Everyone has a story to tell in this community with all kinds of people. I’ve learned that I just have to listen. I encourage you, wherever you are, to listen to other’s stories, and through this, make your community stronger (talking with a coffee in hand always helps). Right now, this is where God has me and I thank him for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful community at JBU!

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