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Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Coming to JBU, I was hopeful yet scared.  This is an exciting time in our lives, but it means leaving the people who have always been there for us to an unknown place in which we know nobody, at least in my situation. 

Orientation is an extremely busy and overwhelming time that helps acclimate to the college lifestyle, on top of the busy schedule they give us, they expect us to move in and meet new people.  Like what?!  Just kidding, it’s manageable, and it’s good to be that busy initially, it keeps us from thinking too much about what is going on and helps us adapt better.  Having too much time to think psyches us out.  It’s like when we want to talk to someone about something that bothers us, we sit and think about it; then we don’t want to say anything because we fear the result.  That’s the same with college.  Psyched out from being away from our families, the accruing debt, the bills and having to actually shop and pay for ourselves. 

Upon coming to JBU, I was ecstatic about all the new opportunities.  Immediately, I joined the nursing home ministries, excited to hear the stories of those marginalized in our society.  Fun fact: I met the sweetest lady at the nursing home, and her husband served in the military and used to work at JBU with John Brown Junior! Every time I visit, she talks in admiration of her two daughters and late husband.  I also got involved in a growth group, in which I could meet other girls across campus and upperclassmen.  This has been a blessing to have a time dedicated to talking about God’s word with other girls going through similar experiences.  Getting involved is the best way to meet people and build quality friendships through similar interests.

Hobbies I acquired during my time at JBU are hammocking and hiking.  I didn’t realize hammocking was a thing until I came here, and when I did, I asked my brother if I could borrow his hammock during my time at JBU.  Now that I have a hammock, I enjoy spending time in God’s great outdoors experiencing the beautiful Arkansas weather.  Being from Iowa, I never really hiked much because, well, Iowa is flat.  There are some small hills there like the Hutch hill, but beyond that, there’s not much.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Iowa.  It’s a beautiful place with great people. 

College is an adjustment that many people don’t anticipate accurately.  For example, I find it harder to grow in my faith while at a Christian university, contrary to what I and many others initially thought.  There may be chapel and I may be surrounded by many Christians; but there is also homework, studying, friends and activities pulling at my time that it makes it hard for me to focus on my faith.  Therefore, I learned that I needed to be even more intentional about my relationship with Christ.  Another difficult challenge is time management which goes hand in hand with being intentional about things that I need to get done.   I learned this pretty quickly last semester by having too many nights staying up until 3 AM.  Now, I make myself go to bed by midnight, greatly helping my relationship with friends and my homework productivity.

The college experience is about learning more about ourselves and the potential we have.  God calls us to abide in Him, at JBU we are learning and growing alongside the body of Christ together as a community.  This is one of the most exciting opportunities that I get to have the experience to learn and grow in Christ, and I’m so glad that I am spending it here at JBU.

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