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Monday, February 6, 2017

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Howdy, friends. My name is Katie Gage, and I hail from Tyler, Texas. This is my first year at JBU, and I’m having an absolute blast. Officially, I’ve been a college student for only one semester, plus a few weeks. Despite the short amount of time, I’d like to think I’ve come a long way from where I started.

When I first got here, I was so scared I would fail my classes and be unable to make friends. Thankfully, I was wrong. Classes are challenging, true, but with hard work and good studying, I’m doing fairly well. I have found excellent friends, Godly people who care for each other and for me.

I think what made last semester so fantastic was my involvement in the first-year drama. I had the honor and privilege of being cast in Parfumarie, and the first part of my semester became crammed with rehearsals and then performances. I spent large amounts of time in the BPAC, standing onstage, sitting backstage, pacing around the dressing room, and on one occasion, sleeping in the lobby. What time I did not spend in rehearsal I spent learning lines. There was a lot of line learning, you guys. Thank you to all who… “volunteered” to help me!

Thanks to the drama, I found something to be involved in, and I also found several good friends. I now have the joy of being the assistant stage manager for the spring drama, Is He Dead? I’m back to spending lots of time in the BPAC, but this time behind the scenes. There’s a whole team of us backstage, and the audience will never see us onstage. A stage show takes a lot of backstage work, from pulling curtains to creating props to moving set. That’s not to mention the Tech crew, who run the lights and make sure the actors have microphones so the audience can hear them. Naturally I knew this before, but being part of the backstage team brings it to light in a whole new way.

All this time I spend in the theater has me thinking. Shakespeare, in his play As You Like it, claimed, “All the world’s a stage.” Which makes every person on this earth part of the great drama God is directing. We often talk about the Bible as a story; the story of God redeeming and rescuing the world and how He will return in glory at the end of time.  If we think about it as a stage show, God is directing a great drama about the conflict between good and evil. Every person has a role in this show.

Some people are actors, those seen by lots of the world. Perhaps we can consider Biblical characters in this category, and then we can include missionaries, pastors, and people whose ministries have a large impact. Then we consider the behind the scenes. These are what we might consider more “ordinary” people. People like you and me, who pray and act out God’s calling on our lives. Just because less people see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. For example, at home, there is a woman in my church who sends cards every week to everyone on staff at the church. This is her ministry, and most people in our church don’t know she does it. It’s a behind-the-scenes part of God’s drama.

This is not a perfect metaphor—please don’t think about it too hard—but I think I’m getting my point across. We all have a job and part to play in God’s plan for the world. Sounds cheesy, but let’s go back to my imperfect metaphor.

If a member of the crew doesn’t fulfill his or her duties, part of the show might not work. We might not be able to complete everything we need to do, or someone else will have to double up his or her work to fill in. The show will go on, but it gets a lot harder if someone is missing. Just like that, if we do not follow God’s calling, things won’t work the way they’re supposed to for us. It is only by following God’s will for our lives can we become who He created us to be.

With that in mind, go break a leg!

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