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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year - time for Walker Wonderland!!!  Every year, Walker puts on an event that not only attracts other students, but members of the community as well.  On Monday, the dorm is transformed into an experience, and the halls look so different that when people tour them they usually cannot tell they are in dorm rooms.  Every hall is entered in the contest, and we hope that our audiences will vote our own hall to be the best.  I live on Legacy Hall, and this year we paired up with the guys’ hall above us - Summit.  This was the first time in Walker history that girls and guys joined forces and were able to decorate a staircase, and it paid off!  We chose the theme of “Narnia,” which provided both awesome opportunities along with difficult challenges.  We put a ton of work into designing and decorating the hall - going so far as to creating a waterfall in the stairway, a pond running into our laundry room, a forest of real tree limbs hanging from the ceiling, actual pine trees scattered throughout both halls, an ice castle, and of course, leaves everywhere!  The students all dressed up as classic characters from the book - we had Mr. Tumnus, the White Witch, three of the Pevensie children, and even Aslan himself! 

While the weekend was filled with work and the hours before Walker Wonderland were incredibly stressful, this was the most fun Monday of my semester.  Once people began coming through the hallways, smiling and laughing and enjoying all the work we put into it, the hard work and stress became worth it.  Being in Walker Wonderland was so much fun, and given the chance I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Walker Wonderland brings Walker students together in a way nothing else can, because we are thrown into this whirlwind of preparation and forced to rely upon each other.  Freshmen and seniors sit in the halls, painting cardboard or creating costumes side by side.  People you’ve never met help hold up tablecloths and sheets as you create barriers and tunnels.  The hours tick by and you learn about your neighbors, having conversations with people you would otherwise walk by with nothing but a nod of the head.  Walker Wonderland benefits all its students because it encourages us to get to know each other in a fun environment, and then once the event starts we get to reap the rewards of our community's labor. 

As a freshman participating in Walker Wonderland, I saw great benefits from this event, because afterwards I feel much closer and more comfortable with the older students living on Legacy and Summit.  It can be hard for freshmen to feel like they belong in the groups of upperclassmen, but Walker Wonderland helps us join together as a dorm and form friendships without the titles of “freshman” vs “sophomore” or “senior.”  I now can enter conversations with these people without feeling like just a little freshman, an outsider in the dorms.  Instead, I feel like part of the crew, and I have left Walker Wonderland with many friends who I had never met before.  While Walker Wonderland is a ton of fun for the audiences, the true wonder lies in the people and friendships formed through this incredible event.

(Also my hall won, so that was great too!)‚Äč

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