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Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Hi! My name is Milly Rogers.  I am an accounting and marketing double major from Springdale, AR.  I live in Walker and absolutely love it.  I’m involved in both the Cathedral Choir and the Chamber Choir.  From that, you can probably assume I love music, and you are 100% correct.  Music has always been my favorite past time, whether it be singing or going to concerts and other music events around.  (Thankfully, JBU and NWA offer ample opportunities for both.)

When I heard about Mock Rock, I knew it was going to be one of the highlights of my year.   Mock Rock is JBU’s annual lip-syncing competition.  Groups of students get together to make routines involving skits, dancing, costumes, and even donuts with a 10-ft diameter. 

A group of friends and I sat outside the Cathedral 2 hours before doors opened to ensure we got the best seats – which was a little much, but hey, we got front row seats!  It ended up being a pretty wise idea given that students started forming a more coherent line about 30 minutes after we arrived.  It’s a BIG deal here, not only for JBU, but for the Siloam community.

We sat on the front row and laughed through the next two hours.  Acts covered the song “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld (that’s where the donut comes into play), songs from the recent pop-culture phenomenon “Hamilton”, and even fandom-masterpieces dedicated to Dr. Who.  Viewers texted in their vote at the end of the night and the winner received a cash prize, and more importantly, a handshake from the one and only Dr. Chip Pollard.

Personally, I was excruciatingly torn between two acts, both including good friends of mine.  One was a beautiful remake of the Single Ladies music video by Beyoncé, the other a heart-warming tribute to the late Doug the Deer. (May he rest in peace.)  Doug came in as the champ, and JBU went wild.  People were screaming, cheering, dancing, you name it.  It was incredible.

The takeaway of Mock Rock for me was this: JBU is unique.  Not many schools would have had a turn out like there was that night (in both acts and viewers).  Not many schools would have an event where I, a mere freshman, would know and love so many faces on that stage.

I have been here almost three months and I so love it.  I love the people in my hall, my friends, my classmates, my professors.  I love this place.  I have grown so much already and it has been so incredible to see just a glimpse of God’s plan for my life in this place.  He knew exactly why I needed to be here.  He is so good.  He blessed me by carving out a small piece of JBU’s community and setting me in it.  He gave me a community that appreciates lip syncing and pop culture and Jesus.  How much better could it get?

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